About Me

Hello! I'm Jory Clements.

I'm a tech enthusiast from Vaughan, Ontario. I combine my thirst for tech knowledge with my passion for photography and drone videography wherever possible. I am studying Computer Engineering at the University of Waterloo to unlock my fullest potential. I have been successful in academics and workplace experiences, but I remain humble and down to earth and conduct myself with the utmost integrity. My anticipated commencement is April 2024 with a BASc, Computer Engineering.


I have used Python, C/C++, JavaScript, HTML, and CSS. With these languages I have utilized Flask, Bootstrap, NodeJS and Qt. I have also used MySQL, PHPMyAdmin, Redis, Nginx, Linux CL and Git.


Presently, I am studying Computer Engineering at the University of Waterloo. I am in my 2A academic term, followed by my 3rd co-op position in Summer 2021. I was ranked 11th of 225 for overall GPA during my 1B term.

Photography & Videography

Capturing images from the ground to the sky is my personal passion. I have always enjoyed videography and video editing. I have created multiple videos for clients as well as for fun!


I created an online portal with Python and Flask which integrated 5+ YRDSB platforms to provide students with a single point of information for academic metrics and university info. This project implemented encrypted registration and login in conjunction with a MySQL database. It additionally utilized web-scraping techniques to collect information from OntarioUniversitiesInfo.ca.